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The Trump administration has left long-lasting and damaging policies and an LGBTQ unfriendly judiciary that will continue to challenge our efforts for justice. But even within this hostile climate, NCLR made historic gains this past year as a result of the Bostock decision, leading the movement to end conversion therapy, co-founding the LGBTQ Anti-Poverty Network, upholding and protecting marriage, and stepping into a leadership role in protecting youth embroiled in the foster care and criminal justice systems. NCLR has participated in calls with the Biden transition team and our policy experts have been crafting our strategic priorities for the incoming administration

Watch the recording of A Changing Landscape: Preparing for a Biden Administration to hear from NCLR’s team and our special guest Reggie Greer.  Moderated by Imani Rupert Gordon, our guests reflect on the road ahead, how the new administration can work in support of LGBTQ people, and how our movement can be strategic and effective in making change.   

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