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Homepage ImageWe have a new look!

We’ve been working hard over the last few months on creating a new website—looking at it from every angle—to provide you with one of the best resources for LGBTQ legal issues.

Every section was analyzed. Every page was revamped. And we thought of you, specifically making www.NCLRights.org easier for you to navigate, breaking it down into the specific sections that we know you rely on.

Here’s what you’ll find:


The new website was developed using what’s called a responsive design. That means that the website will respond depending on the width of the device that you’re using.

If you’re looking at it on a computer with your browser window fully open, you will see the website as it’s intended for a computer. If you’re on a tablet, like an iPad, the website will automatically adjust for the width of that device. If you’re on a smart phone, you’ll see the mobile version.


Our new homepage—now featuring a slideshow that highlights some of our latest work and campaigns—provides you with an overview of the major sections that you can get to by clicking on the navigation menu at the top.

The major sections are:

The Quick Links menu, located below the slideshow images, takes you to many of the other sections we know you frequent, including “About Us,” “Calendar of Events,” and the “Press Room.”

The Views & Analysis section of the homepage will be updated several times a week, with our staff writing about the legal and legislative issues that are shaping the landscape for LGBTQ equality.


Explore the Issues is your go-to section to find out more about the major issues that we work on. It’s here that you can click on an issue—such as “Family & Relationships,” “State Policy & Legislation,” and “Youth”—to find out more about what we’ve been up to.

Each issue area has a ton of information that’s specific to it, which you can find by clicking the buttons that start by saying “More” (such as “More Cases & Advocacy” or “More Policy & Legislation”).


You should be sure to bookmark the Views & Analysis section in your web browser, as you’ll want to visit it regularly for unique analyses and insights from our legal team.

You’ll also find the “Latest From Kate,” where NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell provides you with details of our work, her heart-wrenching views, and the witty analyses you’ve come to expect from her.

Here, you can also find every piece our team has written about over the last few years that was published in our blog and will now live on in this section.


We wanted to make it easier for you to find information about our cases, policy, and legislative work.

We developed a comprehensive cataloging system in our Cases & Policy section, where you can use the “Search Court Cases” box to look up cases either by entering a keyword or a partial name. You can also look for a complete list of all cases that would fall under a specific issue, like “Youth,” by selecting that issue in the dropdown menu.

We created a similar system in the “Search Policy & Legislative” box, also breaking down your searches by keyword and issue. We took it a step further in this area, allowing you find our policy and legislative work by clicking either “state” or “federal” in the dropdown menu.

You can also explore our complete work by clicking on the “Full Case & Advocacy List” and “Full Policy & Legislation List” located in the orange boxes at the bottom of the page.


If you’re looking for NCLR legal resources on LGBTQ issues, the Legal Help & Resources section is where you’ll find them. The “Find Resources” box works similarly to the search functions in the “Cases & Policy” section. In addition to searching by issue and keyword, you can also search by using the “legal topic” and “audience” dropdown menus.

If you’re in need of legal help, you can fill out an electronic form that you can find in the “Get Help” box, and someone will get in touch with you.


You’ll want to visit our Get Involved section frequently, as it’s the place where you’ll get all the information you need on our events and to take part in our action alerts and campaigns.


We couldn’t do any of our work without you, and our new Donate section makes it easier for you to play a major role in changing the legal landscape for every member of the LGBTQ community.

We’ve spent countless hours developing and fine-tuning this website, thinking of you and your needs with every detail. And we’re excited to finally be able to share it with you.

We want you to think of it as your website, your destination for LGBTQ legal information. We hope you visit the site often, and we hope you share our work with all your friends.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at EOlvera@NCLRights.org.


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