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Five years ago today, the ground on marriage equality shifted permanently. Do you remember where you were on May 15, 2008?

I will never, ever forget it. That day, the California Supreme Court ruled that excluding same-sex couples from marriage violated the California Constitution. It was a beautiful morning. A friend snapped a picture of me on the steps of the courthouse in San Francisco, a huge smile across my face, while I held the ruling in one hand and pumped my fist over my head with the other. I remember that moment as it if were yesterday and the feeling that this was going to change everything. I was elated that NCLR played such a key role in making this day possible. We were lead counsel for some plaintiffs on the case and our Legal Director Shannon Minter argued the case before the Court.

KateSandyfinalIn the six months that followed, we all celebrated as we watched more than 18,000 couples in California honor their love and commitment to each other by saying “I do” before their family and friends. Sandy and I were among those who married during the window of marriage equality that ended the following November, when California voters passed Proposition 8—the measure that stripped the right to marry from same-sex couples in the state. Now, the United States Supreme Court is now considering the constitutionality of Prop 8, and I know the day will soon come when loving couples in California will be able to marry once again.

Let’s celebrate the 5th anniversary of our marriage victory! They say paper is the gift for a first anniversary, but let’s make this special fifth anniversary a paper one for NCLR—make an “anniversary gift” to NCLR today. Give a gift of $15, $25, $50, or $150 to celebrate the fifth anniversary of this historic court decision.

We have 18,000 reasons to celebrate—the fifth wedding anniversaries of the couples who married in 2008. Today, we are launching a photo campaign to celebrate the anniversaries of the men and women who were married in California in 2008 following the Court decision. Here’s how we’re hoping you will participate:

  • Email us your favorite wedding photo—send it toMedia@NCLRights.org—from your 2008 wedding day in California;
  • Include the names of both you and your spouse;
  • And don’t forget to include your anniversary date.

We’ll style them similarly to the above photo and then share them on your anniversary date on NCLR’s Facebook page. What better way to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary than by sharing the joy of one of your happiest moments?

And of course, I hope you will make a $15, $25, $50 or $150 gift to NCLR to honor your fifth wedding anniversary or the anniversary of someone close to you.

One day—sooner than we might have imagined—we will live in a country where government-supported discrimination is a historical artifact. The ruling 5 years ago by the California Supreme Court undoubtedly helped ignite and fuel our struggle.

Happy May 15th! This year, I’m reliving that day 5 years ago. I hope you will too.

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