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NCLR Staff, Board & Councils

NCLR’s dedicated team works from our national headquarters in San Francisco and our regional office in Washington D.C.

Executive Director Hide -

Kate Kendell, Esq.
Executive Director

Legal View +

Samantha Ames, Esq.
BornPerfect Campaign Coordinator & Staff Attorney

Noemi Calonje
Immigration Project Director

Helen J. Carroll
Sports Project Director

Emily Haan, Esq.
Staff Attorney

Jaime Huling Delaye, Esq.
Staff Attorney

Arcelia Hurtado, Esq.
Immigration Policy Advisor

Geoff Kors
Legislative Policy Director

Shannon Price Minter, Esq.
Legal Director

Asaf Orr, Esq.
Transgender Youth Project Staff Attorney

Cathy Sakimura, Esq.
Deputy Director & Family Law Director

Chris Stoll, Esq.
Senior Staff Attorney

Amy Whelan, Esq.
Senior Staff Attorney

Shannan Wilber, Esq.
Youth Policy Director

Ming Wong, Esq.
Supervising Helpline Attorney

Tyrone Hanley, Esq.
Policy Counsel

Amanda Rothbard
Legal Assistant

Julie Gonen, Esq.
Policy Director

Estefanía Álvarez
Immigration Project Assistant

Sam Lai
Legal Assistant

Carolyn Reyes, Esq.
Youth Policy Counsel

Communications View +

Erik Olvera
Director of Communications

Alberto R. Lammers
Assistant Director of Communications

Development View +

Melissa Higuchi
Senior Development Assistant

Azael Chávez Laría
Project Assistant

Dani Siragusa
Corporate Relations & Events Manager

Ace Portis
Major Gifts Officer

Operations Hide -

Jennifer Barth
Office Manager

Billy Chen
Director of Finance and Operations

Board of Directors View +

Ruth McFarlane
Board Member

Tamika Butler, Esq.
Board Co-Chair

Stacy Parson
Board Member

Maya Philipson
Board Member

Kelly McCown, Esq.
Board Co-Chair

Gareth Duncan Gill
Board Member

Erin Dominguez, Esq.
Board Member

Elizabeth Deeley, Esq.
Board Member

Lisa Cisneros, Esq.
Board Member

Sonni Zambino
Board Member

Therese Lee, Esq.
Board Member

Arlette T. Smith
Board Member

Aubrey Hone
Board Member

Nancy Geimer
Board Member

National Leadership and Advisory Councils View +

National Leadership Council

Nevin Caple, NY

Katherine Carroll, CA

Diane Holland, MN

Fiona Martin, CO

Debora Ortega, Ph.D., CO

Barbara Russo, NY

Elizabeth Schwartz, Esq., FL

Sara Sperling, CA

Alison Burgos, FL

Shalanda Baker,Esq., HI

David Flugman, Esq.,NY

National Advisory Council

Roberta Achtenberg, Esq., CA

Carol Alpert, NY

Susan A. Gore, TX

Joyce Hunter, NY

Phyllis Lyon, CA

Lory Masters, TX

Raquel Matas, Esq., FL

Nancy Polikoff, Esq., DC

Ruthann Robson, Esq., NY

Abby R. Rubenfeld, Esq., TN

Carmen Vazquez, NY

Kate Clinton, NY

Yesenia Leon, FL

Jill Schlesinger, NY

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