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Tell Department of Labor to Protect LGBTQ Workers 

Submit a Comment to DOL President Trump continues to block critical protections for LGBTQ workers. Most recently, Trump’s Department of Labor is opening up a “Request for Information” in an attempt to undermine the overtime pay rule that helps workers’ to earn a living wage. The Obama-era overtime rule raised the overtime salary threshold from…


How the New Overtime Pay Law Impacts the LGBTQ Community

The Department of Labor’s overtime pay rule change would benefit hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ workers, their families, and their communities. Despite the significant political, social, and legal gains made by the LGBTQ community in the United States, many LGBTQ workers still struggle to make ends meet. LGBTQ individuals – particularly women, transgender people, and people of color…


Just As They Are: Protecting Our Children from the Harms of Conversion Therapy

The Human Rights Campaign and the National Center for Lesbian Rights released Just As They Are, a comprehensive resource for parents on the harmful practice known as “conversion therapy.” The guide helps parents recognize when and how conversion therapy is promoted, provides information about the dangers of the practice, and outlines best practices for parents seeking to promote the…


Transgender Military Service Members Intake Form

NCLR and GLAD are outraged by Donald Trump’s tweets threatening to ban transgender people from military service. We are exploring legal options and appreciate the chance to have one of our attorneys or legal assistants reach out directly to learn more about your situation.


The Impact of Cash Bail on LGBTQ People and People Living with HIV

LGBTQ individuals disproportionately interact with the criminal justice system and are often the victims of this cash bail system. LGBTQ people are more likely to be assessed a higher bail than others because they are seen as greater flight risks and more likely to be a danger to the community based on stereotypes and perceptions that LGBTQ people are…


Raise the Alarm: The Anti-LGBT Purge in Chechnya

Today we sound the full alarm. ALL Chechnyan LGBT lives are on the line with an anti-LGBT purge taking place in Chechnya right now. The Russian journalists who broke the story were also targeted. We urge you to act and encourage friends to do the same.


Parenting a Transgender or Gender-Expansive Child: How to Protect Your Family Against False Allegations of Child Abuse

You may have heard of situations in which teachers or other professionals make child abuse reports against parents who affirm their gender-expansive child. Although there have been a few cases where child protective services fully investigates these allegations, those cases are not common. Understandably, the thought of responding to child abuse allegations can be scary…


FAQ – Post-Election 2016

In light of possible negative policy changes towards LGBT people from the next U.S. presidential administration, NCLR has put together a FAQ for our community about legal protections that are important to know about that people can take action on before the next administration, or soon after. Read it here: faq-post-2016-election


FAQ – Name and Gender Changes Post-Election 2016

When to change your name and/or gender on any ID or with a state or federal agency can be a very personal decision. Having ID that matches your gender identity and/or presentation can be useful in your day to day life, and may also help to keep you safer in certain situations. If you are…

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