Achieving LGBTQ Equality Through Litigation, Legislation, Policy, and Public Education


Safe Schools Legislation: Guidance for Drafting State Safe Schools Legislation

This document is designed to provide guidance for advocates involved in drafting Safe Schools legislation. The document outlines the important elements to be included in such legislation and offers suggested language from existing statutes and bills. Download PDF


Policy Tool: Inclusion of Enumerated Categories in Safe School Legislation/Policies

One of the most effective ways to protect LGBT students is to adopt and implement “safe school” laws and policies that explicitly prohibit harassment and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. This document was created by GLSEN and NCLR to provide advocates and activists in the field with a…


Policy Tool: Frequently Asked Questions On Safe School Policies

This fact sheet, created by NCLR and GLSEN, is designed to address many of the frequently asked questions about how schools can best protect LGBT students from harassment and discrimination and, at the same time, protect themselves from potential liability. Download PDF


Gay/Straight Alliances

Common legal questions and answers about gay/straight alliances. Download PDF


California Safe Schools Coalition’s Question and Answer Guides

These two guides were developed for school district officials and administrators. The first guide explains school districts’ responsibility to protect students from harassment and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. The second guide answers questions regarding parental permission and notification for education on tolerance and diversity. California State Senator Sheila James…


Expensive Reasons Why Safe Schools Legislation is in Your State’s Best Interest

This joint publication with NCLR and GLSEN provides an overview of lawsuits brought against school districts for failing to protect students from anti-LGBT harassment and discrimination. In all of the cases, the student either prevailed after trial, or achieved a settlement. The school districts paid up to $1.1 million in settlements or judgments and often…


Study of Anti-Gay Harassment Shows the Problem is Widespread, Dangerous and Preventable

Despite an anti-harassment law that took effect in 2003, harassment and bullying based on sexual orientation remain persistent and pervasive in California schools. More than 200,000 students every year are targets of harassment based on actual or perceived sexual orientation, according to a study released today by the California Safe Schools Coalition. The Safe Place…


Harassment & Discrimination: A Legal Overview

This publication gives an overview of the federal and state provisions requiring schools to protect students from anti-LGBT harassment and discrimination. Download PDF


Beyond the Binary: Making Schools Safe for Transgender Youth

Created by NCLR, the Gay-Straight Alliance Network, and the Transgender Law Center, Beyond the Binary is a comprehensive tool kit designed to help students, school staff, and other community activists who want to address harassment and discrimination against transgender and other gender non-conforming students. Download PDF


All Families Welcome: Making Your School Safe for Students with LGBT Parents (California Safe Schools Coalition)

Students with LGBT parents have the right to attend school in safety, free of any form of harassment or discrimination. This brochure provides a brief overview of California law and quick facts on families with LGBT parents. Download PDF

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