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Joint Statement from GLAD and NCLR on the Supreme Court’s Denial of Review in Turner v. Pidgeon

For immediate release: December 4, 2017          
Amanda Johnston, GLAD / (617) 417-7769
Lauren Gray, NCLR / (215) 983-3099

Statement from GLAD and NCLR on Supreme Court Denial of Review in Turner v. Pidgeon

“This case is not over. It will now return to the Texas trial court for a final decision. It was an uphill battle to persuade the Supreme Court to grant review at this juncture because of the Court’s firm rule about taking cases only after a final judgment even where, as we noted in our friend of the court brief, a lower court ruling is subverting an important federal policy. We hope and expect the Texas trial court, on remand, will uphold spousal benefits for employees married to a person of the same sex, as Obergefell and common sense require.”  



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