(San Francisco, CA, January 10, 2014)—Today, the United States Department of Justice announced that the federal government will recognize the marriages of same-sex couples who married in Utah for purposes of federal benefits and protections, just as it recognizes the marriages of other legally married same-sex couples. More than 1,000 same-sex couples have married in Utah since U.S. District Court Judge Robert J. Shelby ruled on December 20, 2013, that the state’s ban on marriage by same-sex couples is unconstitutional.

Statement by NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell, Esq.

“We are gratified that the Obama Administration will recognize the marriages of the same-sex couples who married in Utah over the past weeks.  This decision is humane, fair, and consistent with the administration’s existing policy that the legal marriages of same-sex couples are entitled to government recognition and support.”

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