August 14, 2019

Contact: Shannon Minter – 415-624-6071; Email sminter@nclrights.org

(Washington, DC)— Today the Trump Administration published in final form its discriminatory “public charge” rule after strong opposition from a broad spectrum of immigration advocates, civil rights organizations, and mainstream media, including even the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal.

Under this new rule, immigrants who lawfully or the government considers are likely to use certain social safety net programs—-including Medicaid and SNAP (food stamps)—after the rule goes into effect may be barred from entering the country or becoming a lawful permanent resident. The risk of facing negative immigration consequences as a result of the new rule is particularly high for LGBTQ immigrants, who often lack access to resources or family support and must navigate multiple layers of discrimination while setting roots in this country.

Statement by NCLR Senior Policy Counsel Tyrone Hanley:

“This rule is another example of the Trump Administration’s racist agenda to target immigrant families. While Trump wants to build both a physical and invisible wall, we know that our country is better off when we embrace and look out for everyone in our community regardless of their immigration status. Congress must step in and stop this deplorable action by the Trump Administration.”

NCLR first opposed the rule last fall, on the grounds that it would force low-income immigrants to choose between accessing critical programs, including healthcare and food and housing assistance, and changing their legal immigration status in the U.S.


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