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Though most followers of Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir knew he was gay, he did not officially come out until a year ago.  Why?  Perhaps because the international world of judges have been known to be harsh in their scoring of LGBTQ skaters.

That’s just one of many reasons why Johnny’s announcement of his marriage to Victor Voronov in a New Year’s Eve ceremony on Saturday is exciting on multiple levels. Johnny is quoted as saying “I’m very happy with my personal life and also my professional life, and I thank God I can be exactly where I’m at.”   His experience, unfortunately, is still a rarity in sports, especially professional sports.

Johnny tweeted the news to his nearly 103,000 Twitter followers.  Thank you, Johnny, as your actions show that we do not have to keep our private lives separate from our sports careers any longer.

At NCLR, we know that Johnny is opening the door as a role model for many, many LGBTQ sports participants.  Congratulations on your marriage, Johnny and Victor.

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