Relationship recognition

Jennifer and Ellyn: A Life Interrupted

They had planned a family together. A baby. Maybe two. They’d spend hours talking about their future, often getting so lost in conversation at night they’d forget about the time until the sun was about to rise the next morning. Sarah “Ellyn” Farley used to say she was “courting” Jennifer Tobits—not just dating her, as she knew their connection would lead them down the aisle. A year into their relationship, Ellyn asked Jennifer to be her wife. The two soon traveled from their home in Chicago to...


In Memoriam: Diane Alexis Whipple

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the horrific death of Diane Alexis Whipple. For those of you who may not know or remember what happened to Diane, it was an unimaginable nightmare. On the late afternoon of January 26, 2001, Diane was mauled to death by two enormous dogs in the hallway of her San Francisco apartment building as she was bringing home groceries to make dinner that evening for herself and her partner of seven years, Sharon Smith. The brutality and terror of the attack were...


The Story of Clay Greene and Harold Scull

From time to time, NCLR takes on a case that touches the hearts of anyone who hears about it. Such is the case involving Clay Greene and Harold Scull, and we are deeply grateful for the outpouring of support for Clay. In April 2008, Harold Scull, who at the age of 88 was very frail, fell on the front steps of the home he shared with
his partner of 25 years, Clay Greene. Harold had endured open heart surgery, was on a number of medications that made him uncomfortable, and was in declining...


The National Center for Lesbian Rights Applauds AAA South for Providing Equal Services to Same-Sex Couples

Business pledges family memberships to married same-sex couples after meeting with Equality Florida (St. Petersburg, Florida, July 23, 2009) — Yesterday, famed auto club AAA South, the fourth largest AAA affiliate in the country, committed to recognizing all spouses, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, in company policies and services. The policy now allows married same-sex couples to receive spousal discounts under AAA’s Associate Membership program. The National Center for Lesbian...


California Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Property Tax Protections for Domestic Partners

Today’s Ruling Permits Court of Appeal Decision Affirming Board of Equalization Rule to Stand (San Francisco, CA, January 3, 2008) — Today, in a major victory for same-sex couples, the California Supreme Court denied a petition by county assessors seeking review of a California Court of Appeal decision affirming the validity of basic property tax protections for domestic partners. The Court’s decision means that the validity of these protections is now secure. No further appeals are possible....


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