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We’re getting closer to our Matching Gift Challenge deadline, and because we’re all so busy this time of year, I wanted to take a quick minute of your time to update you on our progress. As of today, generous gifts from committed people like you have brought us to an impressive total of $71,735. That’s…


I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season! It’s a glorious time of unity made all the more special when we are able to spend time with those we love. If I could take a quick moment of your time, I’d like to update you on NCLR’s Matching Gift Challenge. As of today, we’ve raised…


As I look back on 2015, I have mixed emotions. I see what is happening on the ground every day—and I’m worried. I know we are in the early stages of a full-on backlash against our rights and our pursuit of full equality. That’s why NCLR needs your support now more than ever. And why…

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