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There are some NCLR cases that haunt me. Our current parenting case in Alabama is one of them. Our client, V.L. has not had visitation with her three children since April, and the Alabama Supreme Court has held that she is not an adoptive parent and has no right to see the children. V.L. and…


Earlier this year, we launched our #Equality4Families campaign to raise awareness about the need to reform state laws so that LGBT families are fully protected. As soon as we launched the campaign, we had our first case illustrating a key issue. Meet Kari and Debbie Chin. Kari, a social worker with a local school district,…


History was made a year ago today when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a legal challenge to our Utah marriage equality victory and to the victories in Oklahoma, Virginia, Indiana and Wisconsin—a watershed moment that set the stage for more than 10 states to begin celebrating weddings, and, ultimately, for our big win…

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