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It’s not just Indiana, North Carolina, and Mississippi where businesses and colleges are claiming “religious freedom” as grounds to ignore anti-discrimination law. We are seeing it here in California as well. Seven religiously-oriented colleges and universities up and down the state have obtained waivers under the federal Title IX, which bans discrimination based on gender—…


In North Carolina and other states, extreme anti-LGBT legislatures are mounting unprecedented attacks on LGBT people. We will not sit idly by while our communities are under attack. We need your help! There is a role for each of us in this fight. On Friday, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee issued an executive order banning…


We just won our second U.S. Supreme Court case in less than nine months! This morning the nation’s highest Court unanimously reversed Alabama’s refusal to recognize our client’s Georgia adoption of her three children. Today’s decision—on the heels of our Supreme Court marriage win in June—is a victory not only for our client but for…

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