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NCLR Advocating for Several CA LGBTQ Rights Bills

The National Center for Lesbian Rights, as we do every year, is working hard to pass legislation to advance LGBTQ rights and protect LGBTQ individuals in California. This year we are co-sponsoring, along with Equality California, two first of their kind in the nation bills. One would prohibit taxpayer funds from being used for travel to states that pass affirmative laws allowing discrimination against LGBTQ individuals. The second would prohibit state funded Cal Grants for colleges and...


Working to Ensure the Safety of Transgender Individuals

Interacting with law enforcement can be stressful for anyone. This is especially true of transgender individuals who all too often face discrimination, inappropriate comments, and hostility.  While most law enforcement personnel want to do what is right, we hear from many transgender people about the demeaning and degrading experiences they have had while under police custody. That’s why the National Center for Lesbian Rights, along with several other national and local LGBTQ groups, worked...


Jelly Belly Chair: Stop Hurting Kids

Want to hear something really scary? This Halloween, there is one treat that is actually a dangerous trick that could harm young people everywhere:  Jelly Belly candies. And the trick isn’t the few seconds of horror that may result from biting into the dreaded canned dog food, vomit or even the baby wipe flavored jelly beans (yes those are real flavors). Jelly Belly Chair Herman Rowland Sr. is using some of his fortune to fund an effort to overturn California’s new School Success and...


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