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NCLR and other Major, National LGBTQ and Social Justice Organizations Condemn OK House Republicans’ Censure Motion Against Rep. Mauree Turner

Last week, Oklahoma Representative Mauree Turner was the target of a censure motion by Republican leaders — a blatant attempt to silence the first openly non-binary U.S. state legislator. The motion passed on a party-line vote. In response, 10 major, national LGBTQ+, and social justice organizations are coming together to vehemently condemn this disturbing action. While lawmakers in the state continue to introduce a slew of bills targeting transgender Oklahomans, Rep. Turner has been an...


Map of U.S. Surrogacy Laws

The U.S. does not regulate surrogacy on a federal level, so each state has its own laws about whether surrogacy is permitted and how it is regulated. In partnership with the Center for Genetics and Society and Surrogacy360, we have created a map and detailed narrative about surrogacy laws throughout the U.S., including whether and how intended parents can access surrogacy as well as the protections provided for the rights of people acting as surrogates. View the Map


Matthews v. LeFever

LaNesha Matthews and Kyresha LeFever were a same-sex couple who had twins together using assisted reproduction. Their children were conceived using Kyresha’s eggs, and LaNesha gave birth, a process sometimes called egg sharing or reciprocal IVF. The parents broke up when the twins were young but coparented and shared custody for years until a dispute arose when the twins were 5-years-old. Kyresha sought shared custody, which the trial court initially granted after determining that Kyresha is a...


Murphy v. Twitter

Meghan Murphy repeatedly referred to a transgender woman using male pronouns while posting on Twitter. She was informed by Twitter that this activity violated the company’s hateful conduct rules, but Murphy persisted, resulting in Twitter permanently suspending her account. Murphy sued Twitter in February 2019 alleging that the company violated the terms of their user agreement by suspending her account. The trial court dismissed her case, finding that Twitter had the authority to permanently...


Equality Arizona v. Hoffman

Plaintiff Santi Ceballos On March 28, 2019, Equality Arizona, represented by National Center for Lesbian Rights and Lambda Legal, along with law professor Clifford Rosky and pro bono counsel Perkins Coie LLP, filed a federal lawsuit challenging Arizona’s anti-LGBTQ curriculum law, which bars public school students from receiving medically accurate, age-appropriate information about non-heterosexual people in their health education classes. Arizona law prohibits instruction in HIV/AIDS...


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