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From the Desk of Imani Rupert-Gordon – October 2020

Hello NCLR!  This has been a difficult time, and many of us have been reflecting on why we do our work, what drives us, and what inspires us. In 1989 Kimberlé Crenshaw coined the term intersectionality. And although these days it has become a bit of a buzzword, it is still the concept that helps me best articulate why I do my work, and more specifically, why I do my work the WAY I do.   Often, when we hear the word intersectional, it’s to explain how we talk about someone who...


From the Desk of Imani Rupert-Gordon – September 2020

Good morning NCLR! It feels like just yesterday I joined you, but, if you can believe this, I just hit my 6-month anniversary as part of the NCLR family! Even during COVID, NCLR has been working hard to protect our community. As a co-founder of the National Anti-Poverty Action Network, we continue to work to protect LGBTQ people living in poverty. If you didn’t get a chance to check out our priorities for the next administration check them out here. And we continue our groundbreaking work,...


My First Week at NCLR

I’ve been waiting 7 months to say this: I work at NCLR! Though I didn’t know what my first message to you would look like, I knew no matter what, I would end it the same way: let’s get to work. When we announced in December that I would be starting in this role, we had no idea that it would be in the midst of a global health pandemic. In an effort to keep everyone as safe as possible during this public health emergency, NCLR is following the guidance of the Centers for...


We Stand Together

To all of our NCLR friends and family, It goes without saying that our entire globe is fighting a shared battle against COVID‑19 today. Countries all over the world and most immediately our own communities are closing down, staying inside and reducing or eliminating school, work and events. Today, in particular, we are seeing cities from our home base of San Francisco to New York and many in between pausing activity of all kinds. This news – and what we all need to do in response – seems to...


A Message from our New Executive Director – Imani Rupert-Gordon

Imani Rupert-Gordon I couldn’t be more excited to join the team at NCLR. Like many of you, I’m a long-time fan and supporter. Some of my formative experiences in this movement have come as a result of the unique voice and the innovative work of this organization. As a Black, queer woman, I have been grateful for NCLR and its commitment to a vision of LGBTQ equality that includes racial, economic, and gender justice; the insistence that these struggles are linked; and the consistent reminder...


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