National Center for Lesbian Rights says it will fight newly released Senate healthcare repeal plan “with the full force of our community behind us”

(Washington, DC, June 22, 2017)—Today, Senate Republicans released a “discussion draft” of their healthcare repeal plan. National Center for Lesbian Rights Executive Director Kate Kendell issued the following statement in response:   “After unprecedented secrecy during drafting, a small number of senators put forward a plan today to take away healthcare from millions of Americans, including millions of LGBTQ Americans,” said Kate Kendell, executive director at the National Center for Lesbian...


More than 60 LGBTQ groups tell Senate that healthcare repeal would ‘harm millions’ of Americans and devastate the health of the LGBTQ community

On June 13, 2017,  the Human Rights Campaign and National Center for Lesbian Rights delivered a letter to the U.S. Senate urging them not to gut access to healthcare. More than 60 LGBTQ organizations, representing millions of LGBTQ people across the country, signed onto this letter sharing deep concerns for the health of our community. The letter notes that the Congressional Budget Office has projected that repeal of the Affordable Care Act would result in 14 million Americans losing health...


NCLR settles sex discrimination case for trans-inclusive employee health care

(Cincinnati, OH, May 15, 2017)—Today, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, along with Gerhardstein & Branch and the Law Office of Scott Knox, announced that they reached a settlement in Rachel Dovel v. The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, et al.  Ms. Dovel has received insurance coverage for gender affirming surgery, which was previously excluded under the Library’s employee health care plan. In 2016, Ms. Dovel was forced to take out a personal loan to cover the cost of...


NCLR on House passage of healthcare repeal bill

(San Francisco, CA, May 4, 2017)—Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which if passed, would leave millions of Americans without health insurance, strip protections from discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, gut Medicaid, block patient access to trusted medical providers at Planned Parenthood, and undercut 30 years of progress made in fighting HIV. The Affordable Care Act provided coverage to thousands of people living with HIV by...


Far-right Republican health care repeal would leave millions of LGBTQ people uninsured

(San Francisco, CA, April 27, 2017)—Despite overwhelming opposition to previous efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, far-right Republicans in Congress have come out with a new plan to gut Affordable Care Act protections, which could be put to a vote on the floor of the House as early as Saturday . National Center for Lesbian Rights Executive Director Kate Kendell, Esq. issued the following statement in response:   “The latest health care repeal plan is another dangerous attempt to take...


Abortion Access Is an LGBTQ Issue

September 30th marked the 37th anniversary of the enactment of the Hyde Amendment, the federal provision that bans Medicaid coverage for abortion-related healthcare. The Hyde Amendment has been one of the most devastating attacks on the ability for low-income families to access healthcare. Since the Amendment passed, people relying on Medicaid for health coverage have effectively been prevented from accessing crucially important abortion-related care. This tragic anniversary comes at the end...


Affordable Care Act Prohibits Gender Identity Discrimination

Statement by NCLR Federal Policy Director Maya Rupert, Esq. (Washington D.C., August 6, 2012)—The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has confirmed that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) protects against discrimination on the basis of gender identity. The clarification, issued earlier this month, came in response to a letter submitted by NCLR and several other LGBTQ organizations. The letter from HHS confirmed that the anti-discrimination protections in section...


NCLR Responds to Supreme Court Decision Upholding the Affordable Care Act

Statement by NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell, Esq. (San Francisco, CA, June 28, 2012)—Today, in a 5-4 decision, the United States Supreme Court upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), and ruled that the individual mandate, which requires most individuals to buy health insurance, is constitutional. The Court upheld the ACA’s expansion of Medicaid eligibility, but also ruled that states that do not comply with the expanded Medicaid provisions cannot be denied existing...


NCLR Responds to Susan G. Komen Decision to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding

Statement by NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell, Esq. (San Francisco, CA, February 1, 2012)—Yesterday, Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced it would no longer financially support Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country to help them provide thousands of breast exams per year. Officials from Planned Parenthood, which offers wide-ranging reproductive health care services, with work focused on pro-choice decision-making and sexual education, say the funding was cut because of pressure...


NCLR Praises President Obama’s Order Extending LGBTQ Hospital Visitation Rights

A Statement from NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell (Washington, D.C., April 15, 2010) — Today President Barack Obama ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to prohibit discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in hospital visitation. The new rule will grant hospital visitation rights to same-sex partners, and making it easier for LGBTQ people to make medical decisions on behalf of their partners. A statement from Kate Kendell, Executive...


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