Month: September 2023

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In Florida, “Don’t Say Gay or Trans” Keeps Queer Students from Seeing Queer Futures for Themselves

A few weeks ago, I got an unexpected Facebook notification. My high school had newly formed an alumni association, and they were reaching out to me to gauge my interest in speaking at my high school about my life and career.   I was excited – my high school was a Title I school and most of us who attended were low-income and disadvantaged. Despite that, the school had an International Baccalaureate program for some students to earn early college credits. That program’s rigor made me...


Join us in welcoming NCLR’s Newest Legal Assistant, Bailey Henderson! 

Bailey Henderson (He/him) – Legal Assistant After graduating from U.C. Berkeley with degrees in Political Science and Global Studies, Bailey Henderson was motivated to work for NCLR because of his desire to improve LGBTQ equity. He’s excited to both make an impact and learn more about law in his position.  Where do you currently reside? Oakland, CA What is your educational background? I went to UC Berkeley for my B.A.s in Political Science and Global Studies Where did you work...