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Month: September 2012

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CA Governor Brown Vetoes Bill that Would Protect Children with More Than Two Parents

Governor Supports Need to Recognize These Families, But Wants More Time to Consider This Important Issue (San Francisco, CA, September 30, 2012)—Today, California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would have protected children who have more than two parents. In his veto message, Governor Brown explained that he was sympathetic to the need to protect children in these families but wanted more time to consider the issue. Authored by Senator Mark Leno, Senate Bill 1476 was co-sponsored by...


CA Governor Brown Signs Bill To Protect LGBTQ Youth From Psychological Abuse

Signature on Bill Authored by Senator Ted Lieu Will Stop Discredited Practices (San Francisco, CA, September 29, 2012)—California Governor Jerry Brown made history today by signing a landmark bill that will protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth from psychological abuse by deceitful mental health professionals who falsely claim to be able to change their sexual orientation or gender expression. With Governor Brown’s signature, California becomes the first state in the nation to...


CA Governor Signs Bill Ensuring Equal Access to Fertility Services for Same-Sex Couples

(San Francisco, CA, September 28, 2012)—Today, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill to ensure that women in same-sex relationships and single women can access fertility services on the same terms as women in different-sex relationships. Assembly Bill 2356, authored by Assemblymember Nancy Skinner and co-sponsored by Equality California and the National Center for Lesbian Rights, allows women using known donors to access certain fertility procedures that are less expensive and more...


Contraception Legal Battle Impacts LGBTQ Community

On Friday September 21, the National Center for Lesbian Rights attended a symposium at the Georgetown University Law Center on “Contraception and Conscience: A Symposium on Religious Liberty, Women’s Health, and the HHS Rule on Provision of Birth Control Coverage for Employees.” Anti-choice politicians and groups have tried to generate controversy around the contraception provisions in the preventative care regulations related to the Affordable Care Act. The regulations required that employers...


Nearly 50,000 People Tell CA Gov. Jerry Brown to Stop the Psychological Abuse of Children, Support Bill Banning Use of Harmful Practices

(Washington, D.C, September 27, 2012)—Momentum is building in California and across the country to put an end to dangerous efforts designed to change a young person’s sexual orientation or gender expression that have proven to inflict great emotional harm and have resulted in suicide. Governor Jerry Brown can sign Senate Bill 1172, a bill to protect young people from this abuse by prohibiting therapists from using these discredited practices. To date, nearly 50,000 concerned citizens have...


One of the Nation’s Leading Youth Advocates to Join NCLR

(San Francisco, CA, September 24, 2012)—The National Center for Lesbian Rights is pleased to announce that Shannan Wilber, one of the nation’s leading social justice advocates for children, will be joining its team in January 2013 to direct and expand the organization’s Youth Project. Wilber, currently the executive director of Legal Services for Children, will expand the reach and impact of NCLR’s Youth Project, reaching out to the most vulnerable LGBTQ youth across the country and working on...


$75K Fund Opens Today to Help LGBTQ Undocumented Immigrants Pay for Application Fees Under Deferred Action Program

(San Francisco, CA, September 21, 2012)—Young lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender undocumented immigrants struggling to pay application fees under President Obama’s new “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) can now receive financial help. Today, the LGBTQ Dreamers Fund-made possible by more than $75,000 in contributions from LGBTQ movement leaders-officially begins accepting applications, giving many young LGBTQ undocumented immigrants a chance to apply for the...


A Mother’s Love: A Gay Student’s Mother Speaks Out to Protect her Son

Last month, NCLR filed a federal lawsuit challenging Indianapolis Public Schools’ discriminatory treatment and failure to protect openly gay former student, Dynasty Young, who faced severe and relentless harassment at school throughout the 2011-2012 school year. By Chelisa Grimes No parent ever wants to hear that their child is being tormented at school, with classmates not only hurling derogatory words, but spitting on their child as they walk down the halls and throwing glass bottles. So...


Closets Are For Clothes: The Social Justice Sexuality Project

This morning, the National Center for Lesbian Rights attended a national briefing sponsored by the National Black Justice Coalition and the Congressional LGBTQ Equality Caucus titled “Closets Are For Clothes: Being LGBTQ and POC in America.”  The briefing included a presentation by Dr. Juan Battle, a professor at the City University of New York, regarding some of the key findings of the Social Justice Sexuality Project, a national study of the experiences of LGBTQ people of color in the United...


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