Month: April 2013

Our Voices blog

Ruth and David Waterbury

Ruth and Dave Waterbury are tireless allies and advocates who live in Minnesota, inspired by their son Marcus, who is also a supporter of NCLR. Ruth is a one-time primary teacher who spent many years volunteering in the arts. Ever since her daughter Margery came out more than 25 years ago, Ruth has been a tireless advocate for family acceptance of LGBTQ members. If your parents need an “attitude adjustment,” sic Ruth on them! Dave is a retired financial advisor and has served on several...


Ellen Spertus and Keith Golden

Ellen Spertus and her husband Keith Golden are computer scientists living in San Francisco who recently became one of our newest eScrip donors, and we asked Ellen to tell us about why they support NCLR, and why she chose to sign upto support NCLR through eScrip. When and how did you first hear about NCLR? My husband and I have long been supporters of equal rights, and we wanted to know how best to give our time and money when marriage equality became a possibility in California (we live in San...


Patricia Martel and Beverly Colon

Get to know your fellow National Center for Lesbian Rights champions! Pat has worked for 30 years in local government management and is currently the City Manager of Daly City. Bev is a Psychiatric Social Worker with Kaiser Permanente and has had a private therapy practice in San Francisco. Why do you support LGBTQ civil and human rights? The quality of our lives as Latina lesbians and those of future generations of LGBTQ people depends on the efforts that we put forth today to achieve full...


Yesenia and Veronica Olivera-Leon

Yesenia and Veronica Olivera-Leon have been supporters of NCLR for quite some time. Yesi is a member of NCLR’s National Advisory Board, and they live in Miami and just recently became first-time mothers to twins! Before the twins arrived, we asked Yesi and Vero to take a little time out of their busy preparing-for-babies schedule to tell us about why they support NCLR. When and how did you first hear about NCLR?Vero: Yesi joined NCLR’s National Advisory Board several years ago.Yesi: The event...


I, like all of you, have felt the heaviness borne of mindless violence and tragedy in the wake of the bombings in Boston. My birthday was April 15, and now that date will be remembered for yet another national horror. In the days since the attack, I can’t help but think about the very different world my kids are growing up in. Their reality of life in this country is shaped by far too many moments like the nightmare in Boston. Now we, like most every other family blessed with health,...