Month: February 2011

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The Kids May Be All Right. The Movie? Not So Much.

It started when we were at Sundance last year. Sandy and I heard the buzz about “The Kids Are All Right” and were happy to hear that the very talented Lisa Cholodenko had made a new film with three of our favorite actors—Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, and Mark Ruffalo. It had all the makings of a mainstream hit, which we were thrilled about. Then we heard a bit more of the premise of the film mainly revolving around the tired cliché of a lesbian sleeping with a guy (who saw that...


NCLR Legal Analysis: President Obama Defends Justice by Rejecting DOMA

Today brings momentous news from President Barack Obama and the federal Department of Justice about the discriminatory and offensive so-called “Defense of Marriage Act,” or DOMA. This morning, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that, at the urging of the President, as well as based upon Mr. Holder’s own assessment, the Department of Justice will no longer defend Section 3 of DOMA—the section that prohibits the federal government from recognizing legal marriages between same-sex couples....


My Movie Night with President Barack Obama: Thurgood Marshall’s Legacy and LGBTQ Equality

Sitting in the White House last night for a truly “once in a lifetime moment”—a movie screening of “Thurgood” with President Barack Obama—I was moved by how far justice and equality has really come in our nation, and how much further we have to go to finish the promise of “equality and justice for all.” Just a few feet from me, President Obama sat in one of the plush, red seats in the White House’s movie theater to watch the biopic about Thurgood Marshall, the lead attorney and key architect...


NCLR Analysis: NCLR Overview of Today’s CA Supreme Court Decision in the Proposition 8 Case

Today in the federal court challenge to California’s Proposition 8, the California Supreme Court agreed to accept a question sent to it last month by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and provided a timeline for the briefing and argument on that question. The question posed to the California Supreme Court by the Ninth Circuit panel is whether California law gives ballot initiative sponsors the extraordinary power to override the decisions of elected state officials about how to litigate court...


“Bienvenidos a Casa”—Listen to LGBTQ Stories on Spanish-language Radio

By Dan Torres, Esq. Proyecto Poderoso Project Manager The discussion about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender acceptance often begins with conversations with those closest to us—our families. But in some households, cultural barriers create obstacles that can seem too big to overcome, making it nearly impossible for some LGBTQ people to share with their families who they truly are and the daily struggles they face as members of the LGBTQ community. In many Latino households, cultural...


Desiree Shelton: Why I Fought Back Against Discrimination

Desiree Shelton is an out lesbian and a senior at Champlin Park High School, in Minnesota’s Anoka-Hennepin School District.  She and her girlfriend, Sarah Lindstrom, were elected to the school’s Snow Days royalty court for the winter formal dance. They sued their school district—with the help of lawyers from the National Center for Lesbian Rights, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Faegre & Benson LLP—after school officials said they couldn’t walk together in the traditional couples’...


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