Month: May 2013

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I Want to Carry You on the Ride With Me

At first, it seemed like a good way to get in better shape for a great cause. But as the months of training rides give way to the first day of the AIDS Lifecycle ride—the 545-mile, seven-day cycling event from San Francisco to Los Angeles—on June 2, I find myself thinking every day about the loved ones my wife Sandy and I have lost to AIDS. They were unlucky enough to be in the first or second wave of infections, during a time when our government turned a blind eye and left our community to...


We Remember Our Anniversary. Do you?

Five years ago today, the ground on marriage equality shifted permanently. Do you remember where you were on May 15, 2008? I will never, ever forget it. That day, the California Supreme Court ruled that excluding same-sex couples from marriage violated the California Constitution. It was a beautiful morning. A friend snapped a picture of me on the steps of the courthouse in San Francisco, a huge smile across my face, while I held the ruling in one hand and pumped my fist over my head with the...


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