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Rich Weissman and JD Horn first fell in love with NCLR in 2017, immediately impressed by the breadth and scope of the work and the sheer determination to create change. They have been serious NCLR fans ever since, hosting NCLR in their home in Palm Springs and providing meaningful financial support.

When asked “why NCLR?” they are quick with a response.

First, NCLR gets things done. They do not talk about what steps need to be taken to move our community forward; they take the steps and make it happen. They are activists, and for NCLR, action and results are what matter. We admire their “can do” approach and how much they accomplish.

{“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:1,”srcClientId”:”56ecc774-d82f-4317-a0b4-5ee444ccfc3c”,”srcRootClientId”:””}Second, NCLR is run in large numbers by lesbians, and these women view the world through a broader lens and see opportunity that others miss. They are incredibly smart, professional, know how to roll up their sleeves, focus, and push forward to reach goals. Women in general, and the lesbian community in particular, are people who get the job done, and we admire them. We think it is important that women play a critical role in the LGBTQ community, and NCLR helps fill that gap.

Third, NCLR looks for legislative and legal opportunities to gain further LGBTQ rights. They understand that in America the courts play the critical role of providing and upholding LGBTQ civil rights, and so they focus on legal remedies for our communities, taking on cases that have national implications far beyond the specifics of each case.

Fourth, NCLR unites the LGBTQ community. There can be divisiveness among the diverse LGBTQ community segments, each viewing its constituencies in competition with others, as if civil rights, activism and support are a zero-sum scenario. But, NCLR understands that we are all in the same struggle, and by working as a united LGBTQ community, on all fronts and inclusive of LGBTQ issues across the spectrum, we can produce more positive and comprehensive results, benefiting us all in ways we cannot do as a fragmented community.

Fifth, we like that NCLR represents all of the components of the LGBTQ community – lesbian gay, bisexual, trans and everyone else who identifies as LGBTQ. So often the LGBTQ community keeps within its “own” group and does not always engage in meaningful relationships across the LGBTQ spectrum. NCLR engenders an inclusive kind of community building and provides it supporters with such oppor{“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:1,”srcClientId”:”56ecc774-d82f-4317-a0b4-5ee444ccfc3c”,”srcRootClientId”:””}tunities.

This past December, Rich and JD made a significant investment in NCLR’s Transgender Youth Project, helping us further our work and showing true philanthropic leadership across our community. So impressed with our Senior Staff Attorney, Asaf Orr, and a desire to show support for the trans community in the midst of rampant transphobia, Rich and JD marry their passions for youth, trans rights, and a stronger, more inclusive LGBTQ movement. As parents of two daughters who are both attorneys, they appreciate the role that the law can play in setting precedent and furthering human rights.

When asked what they would say to others considering support of NCLR’s work, they shared this:

“Supporting NCLR is more than a donation. It is a family, a group of friends, a community. It expands one’s world vision, understanding of events and role that each of us can play in creating a better place for all LGBTQ people.”

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